Meet The Sparkman's

Sean Sparkman and his father Rick Sparkman own and operate Safe & Sound Retirement together. As a father and son duo, they bring a unique element of love and passion to the financial services industry. More importantly, their goal as a family is to share that love and passion with other families and show them how to enjoy their retirement years, not just survive them. 

Sean Sparkman and his wife, Alyse are the proud parents of a little boy. Sean has a passion for helping people save money for retirement and protect it. “I started my career working with union members in their homes one on one. I found that the average hard-working American is overwhelmed with who to turn to, in order to protect their money from another 2008. Seeing this I knew that I needed to make this complicated process easy for people to understand and teach them how to protect their families. There is no greater joy than giving a family peace about their financial future, knowing that they will never lose one penny to market downturns.”



Rick Sparkman and his wife, Kathy, have raised four wonderful children and are grandparents to one. They hope for more grandchildren in the future. Rick began his financial education over 30 years ago and has been sharing that education with people ever since. His passion for others has led him to continue working with his son Sean during his retirement years. As Confucius once said “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”